Sandy is the Owner, Director, and Head Educator of the Health Enrichment Center
which provides education for over 75 massage students per year dedicated to
achieving excellence in massage practice and becoming a teacher. Part of her private
practice includes working with mental health, in conjunction with a psychologist who
provides support care and education for attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder,
anxiety, depression, fatigue and pain management. She also provides massage for
those dealing with everything from stress management massage to rehabilitative care
upon physician referral. Additionally, Sandy has developed and supervises a student
massage clinic with the
Detroit Lions professional football team. She also provides
professional sports massage and rehabilitation for individual professional football
players and basketball players. As a worldwide public speaker and stress management
educator, Sandy provides programs for the public, in the corporate arena, and with such diverse groups as kids on probation.
Her educational program includes information on how massage can benefit the individual, massage trends, what we can do for
ourselves, and how to choose effective professional support services in the holistic health area.
                    AUTHOR, EDUCATOR, THERAPIST
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