Sandy Fritz, MS, BS, NCTMB
Author, Educator, Therapist      
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Sandy Fritz, Educator, Author, Speaker,
has Tenth Book Published Despite Heart
Surgery and Death of her Son

Despite having open heart surgery and losing one of her sons to a horrible
accident, Sandy a Massage Therapy Professional working for Professional Sports
Teams and Players, mother, teacher, author, and Massage Therapy School owner,
pushed on to publish her most recent massage therapy text. She is also being
honored as an inductee into the Massage Hall of Fame in Panama City Beach
Florida at the World Massage Festival, for showing dedication, leadership and
excellence in all aspects of massage therapy.

As a professional massage therapist, Sandy works with many different sport
professionals and is in high demand most of the time. Time is one thing she never
chooses to have to herself but then time was demanded of her when her doctors
told her she needed Heart Surgery. She postponed the heart test to determine
if surgery was necessary because she works with professional football players
that were playing the Super Bowl that year. She finally had the heart
catheterization and confirmed the need for a triple bypass surgery.

Later that year while working on the final draft of her most recent book,
“Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting”, her oldest son, Greg, while away
from home on business was hit by a car, and critically injured. The accident took
her son’s life. Sandy, being the person she is, put herself back in the classroom
at her massage school, Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, using the classroom
as therapy, and put her mind back to writing trying to keep her thoughts off the
loss of her son.

In the dedication section of Clinical Massage in the Healthcare Setting, she
dedicated the book to all those that helped her and her family through the last
year, from her heart surgery, the loss of her son, and finally the birth of her son’
s first child, Calee. Within the dedication of her text, she wrote about the birth
of her first granddaughter, and noted, “The head nurse saw me crying at the
back of the birthing room-tears of joy and sorrow – and came and got me and put
an ink print of baby Calee’s foot on my arm that I can still see as I write this
dedication.” She thanks all the doctors, three different hospitals’, and countless
healthcare professionals.

Sandy is a nationally certified massage therapist. She earned her Master’s
Degree from Thomas Edison State College in 2000 and her Bachelor of Science
in Health Science from Central Michigan University in 1998. She is affiliated
with the American Massage Therapy Association, American Massage
Professionals Association, and Advisory Board for International Journal of
Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Every year she speaks at various Massage
related conventions. Just a couple of her upcoming speaking events are at the
Massage World Festival August 1-8, and at MAC (Michigan Association of
Chiropractors September 19-21.  

Sandy wants the massage profession to prosper. For that to happen, Sandy
provides a free informational lecture at the school. Some schools do not offer a
quality education. BE CAUTIOUS! As a massage guru, Sandy provides quality
massage alternatives for those who decide that the Health Enrichment Center
doesn’t fit them. To that statement many would comment, “Who does that”?
Well, you ask anyone who knows Sandy and they will tell you that, that’s exactly
the type of person Sandy is.

Sandy, who is also a worldwide public speaker and stress management educator,
provides programs for the public, in the corporate arena, and with such diverse
groups as kids on probation. Her educational program includes information on how
massage can benefit the individual, massage trends, what we can do for
ourselves, and how to choose effective professional support services in the
holistic health area. Her outreach includes Detroit VA Hospital, to include
homeless veterans, Hospice, a massage therapy clinic which is free of charge at
this time, and many more. Sandy is truly a remarkable individual and a
noteworthy positive influence in our community.


Albequerque New Mexico School of Massage and Health Sciences

Sports and Clinical Massage Excellence
Learn sports / clinical massage techniques, injury assessment and injury-preventing body
mechanics tips from author and professional massage therapist to Pittsburgh Steelers football
players. Sandy Fritz is an enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable presenter, author,school
owner, massage therapist of professional athletes (Pittsburgh Steelers, Detroit Lions football
players and basketball players) and all-around leader in the massage therapy profession.

This course will allow you to acquire practical (hands-on) knowledge that you'll be able to
utilize in your practice on Monday morning. Her energy and excitement for our profession will
be a treat for all of us!

16 Continuing Education hours - NCBTMB Approved
Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm

Sports Massage Class for the
AMTA Pennsylvania Chapter

2011 AMTA PA Chapter conference and annual meeting
May 13, 14 and 15 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pa
The Radisson hotel in Greentree
101 Radisson Drive
Pittsburgh, Pa 15205
United States Olympic Committee
chooses Local Teacher for Beijing,
China Olympic Games

Maurice Sanders, a local massage instructor, travels to Beijing, China to
work with Olympic Athletes.

Maurice has worked through the School with a professional football team
for 10 years and the Detroit International Marathon, for 8 years.  He’s
also traveled to IMG Sports Complex in Tampa, Florida working with
Tennis, Golf, Football, and Basketball professional.

Maurice says, “I cannot discount the experience I have gained from
volunteering my massage skills to Race Walkers (GLOW), Cyclist
(Shoreline Tours), and The National 24hour Challenge (Cycling Race). Also,
my non-athletic clients have been some of my best teachers. The School’s
Massage Clinic, client’s and students have also provided me with a wealth
of experience”.  

While in Beijing, China, Maurice will be one of three massage therapists
to provide pre and post massage (the big squash) to our Olympic athletes.
Due to security reasons the USOC (United States Olympic Committee)
has suggested that exact location, athletes, dates, and flight numbers of
Maurice’s trip not be made public.
Bruce Froelich, an HEC graduate, was instrumental with the passing of the Bill that Michigan
Governor Signed into Law on Monday

The Health Enrichment Center of Lapeer recognizes Bruce Froelich for his involvement in the
Bill that will support the standards of excellence at Health Enrichment Center.
impact on those massage therapists who attended a school that did not or does not meet the  
minimum criteria. However, there is a grandfather clause within the Bill. There are more than
27 schools throughout Michigan and the projected employment stated on the Michigan Labor
Statistics website is close to 2,800. Within our local area there are more than 200 massage
businesses. Those massage therapists that do not keep up on the current massage happenings
need to be aware of this Bill so they can review their situation. Those therapists interested in
reviewing their qualifications can call the State Law Library at (517) 373-0630 for help on
finding the bill to review or the Health Enrichment Center at (810) 667-9453.Enrichment
Center at (810) 667-9453.Center at (810) 667-9453.