Tips From Sandy

  • The best gift a massage therapist can give is to give a massage that feels good and nurtures the person
         because no other professional can provide this for a person that is hurting.

  • Body Mechanics - always check your body mechanics. If it feels awkward, or you feel like you're straining,
         you probably are.

  • Contraindications should always be considered and not overlooked.

  • Leverage = increased pressure levels not pushing harder.

  • Learn to limit the use of the fingers and thumbs while giving a massage. Especially avoid using your

  • Use indirect functional techniques to normalize tissue and joint movement  and  trigger points.

  • A valuable goal when working with people with chronic conditions is to help the patient rediscover that
    each person is in charge of her or his own life, and the illness or injury is not. The health condition may
    have been allowed to take over the person's life and personal power but the person is still in charge.

                             A Special Note From Sandy Fritz

Health Enrichment Center has a unique history in therapeutic massage education. I have been educating
massage professionals for over 25 years. The school started small and grew to be one of the largest in the
United States. We found that with so many students the personal focus of the education was lost and so we
consciously downsized the school. Currently, we are just the right size and are able to provide many program
options with flexibility and accommodate many unique student circumstances. As an educational team we want
to train the best massage therapy instructors as well. Since I write the major textbook line used for massage
education all over the world, and Health Enrichment Center provides access to associate and bachelor
degrees through Siena Heights University, it makes sense that many of our graduates would eventually
become teachers of massage programs all over the United States.

I have to anticipate what massage education will be like at least five years in the future since that is the typical
revision schedule for textbooks. So far I have been very accurate and considered an expert internationally in
the massage therapy field. I have been around a long time and am very good at what I do. Experiences in life
shape personal values. Three major events that have impacted my life:

  • In 2005 I had triple bypass open-heart surgery. It was unexpected, everyone was shocked and I came to
    grips with life and death.
  • In 2007 my oldest son got married, was expecting his first child (my first grandchild) and two weeks later
    was hit by a car and killed while walking across the street. So life and death again, not mine but my son.
    This was the very worst thing that could have happened to me. As a family we have pulled together in
    the worst of circumstances and made the best of unspeakable grief and loss. We cry but we laugh too.
  • Baby Calee was born August 2007 and is a joy, blessing and healer of my heart. Greg (my son and her
    daddy) had a flexible work schedule and was going to be the primary care giver for the baby while his
    wife; Nicole would work the more traditional 9-5 schedule. So I am committed (as is the rest of the family)
    to taking care of Calee.

After all that happened I could have quit. I had an excuse. No one would have blamed me. Managing and
teaching in a small single program massage school is hard work. I am getting older. I have been doing
massage for 30 years and teaching for 25 years. However as I searched my soul I know that it is important to
move forward with determination. But I also know that time is precious and not to be wasted and things would
need to be different. What does this have to do with the school and you?

You are going to invest time and money in your education and should know what motivates my commitment.
This brings me to the main point of this discussion. Massage education is changing again. The standards for
practice of therapeutic massage are increasing. You need to receive a education that prepares you for this
new and exciting future The 4th edition of Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage and the 3rd edition
of Mosby's Essential Sciences for Therapeutic Massage will be available April 2008. There have been major
changes in the textbooks to reflect the current and upcoming changes in the massage profession. Now it is
time to bring the curriculum in line with the textbooks. So,
Health Enrichment Center is moving forward and in
some ways returning to the original roots of the school. It is very important for you as a prospective student to
understand the core values of Health Enrichment Center. So- for me what is important at the school is:

  • To only train those that really want to be the best massage therapists they can be.
  • To train those who are willing to put forth an effort for quality education even though they may have
    struggled during previous educational experiences ( I have dyslexia).
  • That I am able to do a majority of the teaching while taking care of my granddaughter
  • To implement the most current curriculum content and be innovative in educational strategies.
  • To train the future generation of massage therapy teachers.
  • To provide continuing education to graduates.

For me to achieve my goals for the school, you, and myself, the number of students will have to be limited. The
new curriculum will require more time to complete and assimilate. Three schedules will be offered. Each is
designed to support the student's travel and time commitment, unique career development, clinical
experiences and my ability to be in the classroom. The school will use a linear cohort system. This means a
group (cohort) starts together, completes the course requirements in the scheduled sequence (linear) and will
graduate together. The three scheduling options will be limited to 12 students per cohort. A core group of
educational and administrative staff will support us.

Tuition for the entry-level program will be raised to the level of other schools. For years we have tried to keep
tuition fees as low as possible and maintain the quality of education. If a student is committed enough to
convince us of their sincere desire to meet my standards of excellent, than I am confident we can find a way for
them to pay for the tuition.

So there it is. Change is inevitable. Commitment is not. I choose to commit to those students willing to commit
to quality education. Even if you have struggled in education before if you can demonstrate a real passion for
this career I am confident that we can teach you. If you are serious about quality education and willing to
commit to my high standards, I will want to personally speak with you. My schedule is really busy so the
conversation may happen on the phone or we will set up a time in the office. If you are under 21 years old, I
would also like to speak with your parents.
Health Enrichment Center will remain unique in massage education
because we are willing to make the effort to do it right even if it is hard. With the new system only a few will get
the opportunity to learn from me but I know that those that do will have a huge impact as the future unfolds.
The effort will be worth it.

Sincerely and with commitment and confidence -